Pack of 300+ Homeopathy Courses

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313 Modules Complete Schedule
  • Online webinar, 450 hours of study.
  • No time limit for completing your course.
  • Evaluation test.
  • Certificate of attendance
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Pack of 300+ Homeopathy Courses

An Opportunity to Learn Homeopathy for Lifetime with Enlightenment Education

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Do you find Homeopathy difficult to learn?

Are you facing difficulties in repertorizing your patient’s cases?

Do you lack access to continuous learning in Homeopathy?

Do you find it difficult to find the best teachers for you?

This pack of 300+ online courses is the answer to all your questions- Covers A to Z of Homeopathy.

An opportunity to learn the Basic and Advanced Homeopathy with our lifetime access pack of 300+ premium courses crafted exclusively by 100+ world's best speakers.


In this Mega Pack you will get,

  • 300+ courses from 100+ speakers.
  • 450+ hours of learning videos.
  • Topics ranging from Repertory, Materia Medica, disease conditions, solved cases, case taking etc
  • Sessions on evidence-based cases for practical learning.
  • ACHENA and AROH Approved courses.
  • Assessments (Quizzes), Certificates.

Not just this, with LIFETIME availability, an unparalleled learning experience is ensured.


What it Costs?

It is a Life Time Deal (LTD) of $999 for 300+ courses! Pay once, access for lifetime! (regular price $2000)


Click Here to see the  list of all sessions in the Pack of courses.


How to watch the courses?

Login credentials will be shared to you post registration. You can login in and watch the sessions at your convenience.

No restriction of time and repetition.


Sessions included in this pack

Category Number of Sessions Number of Hours
Practical Homeopathy-Cases 140 245
Lifestyle Disorders 29 57
Repertory 50 98
Materia Medica 33 58
Organon & Homeopathic Philosophy 34 98
Respiratory Sessions 12 18
Psychiatry Sessions 25 40
Dermatology Sessions 16 22
Gynaecology & Obstetrics Sessions 15 17
Infertility Sessions 7 9
CNS Sessions 6 6
Oncology Sessions 3 4
Endocrinology Sessions 8 10
Preventive Medicine Sessions 6 4
Paediatrics Sessions 4 8
Dentistry Sessions 2 2
COVID-19 Sessions 71 39
Complimentary Medicine Sessions 13 17
Sessions on Entrepreneurial Qualities 1 2
Special Practice Oriented Sessions 8 7
Sessions on Special Approaches in Homeopathy 7 6


What you will learn?

  • Fundamental & advanced aspects of Homeopathy.
  • Evidence based case demonstrations.
  • Case taking and interview techniques in specific diseases.
  • Repertory, Materia Medica, Philosophy, Organon and many more Homeopathic subjects.
  • Clinical and applied aspects of Homeopathy.


Some of our speakers

Dr Jeremy Sherr, Todd Rowe, Dr. Jawahar Shah, Dr Farokh Master, Dr Ajit Kulkarni, Dr Kishore Mehta, Dana Ullman, Dr Yogesh Sehgal, Robin Pollock, Dr Kumar Dhawale, Dr George Lukas, Dr. Joe Kellerstien, Alastair Gray, Denise Straiges, Dr John Millar, George Dimitriadis, Petr Hoffman, Dr Manoj Patel, Dr Prashant Tamboli, Dr Girish Gupta, Dr Navin Pawaskar, Dr Parinaz Humranwala, Dr B.T. Rudresh, Dr Bipin Jain, and many more….


Stay ahead in Homeopathy, Delivery quality results, establish a global patient base, and build a lifestyle of your dreams


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