Evolutionary Materia Medica of Calcarea

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Thursday, February 20, 2020 . 08:00:00 PM . EST
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About Webinar

Calcium is a major mineral in the human body and hence all Calcarea salts affect the nutrition in infancy and childhood when the growth and development occur. Lack of calcium leads to various developmental disorders in a child and joint diseases in adults.

This session in Materia Medica series on the Calcarea group study is evolved from analyzing 100’s of case studies over six decades.

This lecture is presented to you from the original source books, provings, clinical studies and co-related with physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology.

You will learn the reason behind the sluggishness, slowness of Calcarea group and its effect on the mind and body. Understand how the sluggish mind leads to erratic and unpredictable behavior in Calcarea.

Get to learn the miasmatic development in Calcarea, how Psora changes to Sycotic, Tubercular and Syphilitic stage. Calcarea is much beyond developmental disorders. Dr Shah will explain this with various cases treated successfully by him. He will take up each calcarea salt and shall present a case corresponding to it.

Join this webinar and get clarity and confidence in managing cases of developmental disorders, arteriosclerosis, asthma, calcaneal spur, tumor of parotid gland, bedwetting, recurrent skin diseases, hepatomegaly, and schizophrenia which will be discussed thoroughly by Dr Shah.

Topics covered:

  • Sluggish of Calcarea
  • Physical traits of Calcarea
  • Different traits of Calcarea: attachment, brooding, hate, discontent, frustration, grief, activity, desires, sadness, activity imbalance, guilt, anticipation, fear, insecurity, etc.
  • Explanation of Calcarea salts with cases: Calcarea carb, Calc fluor, Calc phos, Calc iod, Calc sulph, Calc ars

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the various traits of Calcarea and not just limited to fair, fat, flabby personality
  • Understanding the sphere of action of Calcarea in developmental disorders, neurotic and psychotic disorders, physical impact (arteriosclerosis, asthma, abscess, etc.)
  • Materia medica of calcium salts and their prescription in clinical cases
  • Correct posology can reverse advanced pathology

About Speaker

Dr. Jawahar Shah, M.D. in Homeopathy, is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years. He has successfully treated many cases of Bronchial Asthma and Autism.
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