Role of Homeopathy in Nocturnal Enuresis

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Enuresis is involuntary voiding of urine while sleeping by children old enough to be expected to have bladder control. Enuresis may be accompanied with disorders like Mood and emotional disorders like ADHD, emotional disorders like anxiety, expression and insomnia and elimination disorders related to distress and social stigma.

The goals of management can be: to stay without bed-wetting on particular occasions such as sleepover at night or day, to decrease the frequency of wet nights, to decrease the impact of enuresis on the child and family and to avoid recurrence of bedwetting.

The primary treatment can be behavioural management, night urine alarm therapy, pajama (Under wear) device, mechanism of action of night urine alarm device and waking schedule.

Positive reinforcement and responsibility training and other approaches are also helpful. Further treatment modalities include general management and homeopathic approach.

In homeopathic management milestone history, general, life space investigations are important. Based on totality of symptoms homeopathic remedy is chosen.

Management of enuresis in holistic way is the need of the hour. Homeopathic practitioners need to know the methods of general management besides homeopathic management.

Dr. Yashika Arora will talk about the causes, etiology, general management and homeopathic management of enuresis.

Dr. Yashika Arora will talk about other approaches like positive reinforcement systems, responsibility training, diet hypnosis, bio-feedback, retention control, etc.



India & Asia: Saturday, 13th November 2021, 7:00 am IST.  Repeat Session: 2:00 pm IST
US & Canada: Friday, 12th November 2021, 9:30 pm EST. Repeat Session: Saturday, 13th November, 4:30 am EST
Europe: Saturday, 13th November 2021, 10:30 am CET
UK: Saturday, 13th, November 2021, 9:30am London Time

Duration - 1 Hours 30 minutes of study (Online webinar)
Recording will be available post the session.


Topics Covered

  • Comorbid conditions
  • Causes of enuresis
  • Epidemiology
  • Etiology
  • Diagnosis
  • Homeopathic management


Learning Objectives

  • Primary management
  • General management
  • Positive Reinforcement Systems
  • Responsibility Training
  • Other Approaches

About Speaker

Dr Yashika Arora Malhotra, MD in homeopathy is a renowned homeopathic physician and is winner of STSH Scholarship by Awarded CCRH in 2015-16
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from Kavitha Kukunoor
Nov-16-2021 09:46:34 AM
Wonderful presentation Dr Yashika. Great Info!
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Nov-13-2021 03:19:11 PM
from Nagaraj HB
Nov-13-2021 03:11:47 PM
Good presentation.
from Gayathri Shankar
Nov-13-2021 08:12:37 AM
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