Case of Acne

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About Webinar

Acne is the most common chronic, an inflammatory skin condition that causes spots and pimples which affects 10million people per year. Acne can commonly occur during puberty but when it occurs at any other age than puberty it is important to identify the cause and treat the condition accordingly.

Let us study a case of 32 years old female suffering from acne vulgaris for a year. How will you approach this case?

Dr. Tarana will take up the case in detail with respect to chief complaints, physical generals, her life space, and mental condition.

You will get to know the importance of “about certain do’s and don’ts as well as diet restrictions.” You will get a glimpse of understanding the patient’s situation in identifying the causation especially when the patient does not mention it during case taking.

Join this lecture and boost your confidence to handle the cases of Acne.

Topics covered

  • Case history
  • Physical generals
  • Mind and life situation
  • Diagnosis and classification
  • Totality of symptoms
  • Rubric conversion
  • Hahnemann’s view on diet and regimen
  • Prescription

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the patient’s situation helps is in identifying the causation especially when the patient does not mention it during case taking.
  • When a right similimum is selected, a single simple remedy can bring about the cure
  • Diet and Regimen & Do’s & Don’ts play an important role

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About Speaker

M.D (Hom) Paediatrics, Completed her graduation from Smt. CMP HMC, Mumbai and Post Graduation in the speciality 'Paediatrics' from YMT HMC Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.
Most Recent Reviews
from Pankaj Kumar Pandey
May-22-2020 10:37:30 PM
Her explanation about case taking of Acne was remarkable. Thanks a lot team Hompath
from lucia lucan
Feb-13-2020 03:54:18 AM
from andries van der meer
Feb-03-2020 06:55:10 PM
Nice explanation of this case of acne. Thanks Dr. Tarana Malick.
from Md Shafique Ahmad
Jan-31-2020 08:11:28 AM
Very good lecture.
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