Bonus Recap Session 5 & Non – Repertorial approach – concept and application

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The development in science of homeopathy and large number of provings made the Materia Medica vast. This led to the birth of repertory – a place to store all those symptoms in a systematic arrangement so that it becomes easy to search for a remedy for prescription. It isn’t surprising to know that no one can remember 500 symptoms of a remedy.

Repertorisation became a tool of every homeopath for the selection of the similimum. The advent of computer software made repertorisation even faster.

But what about the cases which are standstill with no improvement? Every homeopath has such cases which even after re-evaluation and repertorisation does not aid in any relief to the patient. There is always a solution where there is a problem; a homeopath should have the knowledge what to look out for.

Non repertorial approach is sometime useful, when the case is difficult and symptoms are less. Dr Jawahar Shah, an eminent homeopath will guide you through multiple ways in which you can approach the case without using a repertory. He will explain all the categories wherein a prescription is made on the basis of certain factor or method.

Dr Shah will also address to your questions and queries asked on previous webinars by Enlightenment Education.

Till date you have learned everything about various repertories in this course. This session in the Soul of Repertory & Repertorisation may be the final step of this course but it will be a stepping stone in your new learning and understanding.

Topics covered:

  • Q & A session
  • Causative factors in a remedy
  • Signs visible in the patient
  • Clinical tips
  • Constitution
  • Past history and Family history
  • Diathesis
  • Tautopathy
  • Isopathy
  • Relationships of remedy
  • Bach flower method
  • Nash’s trio of remedies
  • Mother tincture
  • Temperament
  • Miasmatic prescription
  • Genus epidemicus

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand different approaches to arrive at similimum without the aid of repertory
  • Learning the various approaches with their philosophy and examples
  • Learning the efficacy of non-repertorial approach with examples
  • Understanding the benefit of non-repertorial approach in difficult cases

About Speaker

Dr. Jawahar Shah, M.D. in Homeopathy, is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years. He has successfully treated many cases of Bronchial Asthma and Autism.
Most Recent Reviews
from Jonathan Breslow
Nov-25-2022 12:27:19 PM
Comprehensive and valuable overview of non repertorial approaches including prescribing gems. Thank you.
from Asraf Ali
Jul-11-2022 03:41:17 PM
from Satyanarayana Avindala
Oct-18-2019 08:11:15 AM
An Excellent Non-reperetorial orientations! I had experienced and cured few cases
from andries van der meer
Sep-29-2019 01:14:36 PM
Despite almost 40 years of experience, I still learned a lot and gained new insights. Thank you very much dr. Jawahar Shah and team for this hugely important work.
from Dr Devendra
Sep-21-2019 10:45:19 AM
Fantastic lecture.Thank you Sir.
from Soumendra Biswas
Sep-13-2019 09:19:27 AM
wonderful experience through all the webinar , thanks enlightenment education
from Chandrakant Makvana
Sep-13-2019 09:13:19 AM
Your webinar Is enthusiastic, it really help students of hahnemann like ud, thank you sir
from Prabodhchandra Meshram
Sep-13-2019 09:13:08 AM
Complete orientation for Non Repertorial Approach.
from Mona Anisa Salama
Sep-13-2019 08:57:27 AM
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