The Miracles of Vegetable Charcoal: Carbo Veg

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Vegetable charcoal (Carbo Veg) a remedy from mineral kingdom, is compared well with other remedies of same family to understand the basic core and theme present in the Carbon group.

Through this session, Dr Tarana Malick has presented the remedy in such a manner that it generates curiosity and interest in the remedy.

Learn about the manifestations of Carbo Veg in different age groups, i.e. its representation in a child as well as in adult. This is essential as the understanding of evolution of symptoms and their effect on patient makes the remedy picture clear and makes clinical judgement easy while prescribing in real cases.

With detailed insight into physical particulars and generalities of Carbo Veg, important comparison with clinical justification is demonstrated using special tools of Zomeo Homeopathy Software.

The drug picture is illustrated in very crisp, sensible, and effortless manner by speaker. Remedy extract study of Carbo Veg as single remedy in important physical generals from diverse repertories help in accurate and speedy prescription.

A thorough understanding of general trait of Carbo Veg helps in understanding all the symptoms in obvious manner. This particularly helps in quick prescription in advanced and terminal cases where this remedy has crucial indications. Not only this, you also get complete understanding of closely running remedies for most skillful and factual prescription.

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India & Asia: Tuesday 14th June 2022, 7am IST.  Repeat 2pm IST

US & Canada: Monday 13th June 2022,, 9:30pm EST, 6:30pm PST

Europe: Tuesday 14th June 2022, 10:30am CET

Australia: Tuesday 14th June 2022, 11:30 am ACT.  Repeat 6:30pm ACT

Duration: 1 Hour (Online webinar)

Recording will be available post the session.


Topics covered

  • General introduction and Symptomatology
  • Representation in the repertory
  • Comparative study of Carbon group of remedies
  • Theme and core of remedy with uniqueness
  • Constitution and presentation of Carbo Veg patient
  • Study of Carbo Veg in child and adult
  • Comparative study of rubrics in repertory such as ‘Hippocratic face’
  • Generalities and causation
  • Trio of tympanitic remedies- an explicit explanation
  • Remedy extract of Carbo Veg as single remedy in crucial rubrics from numerous repertories



  • Understanding of salient features of Carbo Veg
  • Detailed study of important rubrics of Carbo Veg from repertory
  • Comparative analysis of Carbo Veg with closely running similar remedies in critical symptoms
  • Analysis of Carbo Veg drug picture as single remedy from diverse sources


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About Speaker

M.D (Hom) Paediatrics, Completed her graduation from Smt. CMP HMC, Mumbai and Post Graduation in the speciality 'Paediatrics' from YMT HMC Kharghar, Navi Mumbai.
Most Recent Reviews
from fawad sheikh
Jun-17-2022 09:02:14 AM
from Christina Ahlberg
Jun-14-2022 03:14:35 PM
Carbo veg is explained toghether with the repertory which is very good for me as a student in Homeopathy. Dr Malick also explains many rubrics in several chapters where Carbo Veg is the single remedy. A very interesting and good presentation to understand this remedy.
from Dwip Ganguly
Jun-14-2022 03:06:40 PM
wonderful presentation of remedy CARBO VEG with reportorial approach and i got enriching revision of the remedy out of the session
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