Perceive the living materia medica-Ignatia, Aurum Metallicum and Phosphoric Acid

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Session in Gujarati (India) language

Ignatia, Aurum metallicum, and Phosphoric acid have much in common yet different when it comes to the prescription. All these remedies are useful for traumatic stress or shock followed by depression, guilt, weakness, hopelessness, etc.

Ignatia is a remedy for people with some loss and they do not want to talk about it but cry alone.

Aurum metallicum is the person who gets seriously depressed after some traumatic shock in life or one such incidence in life which keeps him in guilt for years. 

A phosphoric acid person sinks in apathy and does not talk to anybody. Despite the indifference and apathy, they can gather the energy to carry out physical activity.

In this webinar, Dr. Shital Shah has explained in Gujrati language various traits of these 3 remedies with real case examples for practical knowledge.

Do you want to learn to handle the cases of grief, depression, and be sure about your prescription?

Join this lecture and boost your confidence in handling the cases of Ignatia, Aurum metallicum, and Phosphoric acid.

Topics covered

  • The core of the remedy- Ignatia
  • Remedy comparison for hysteria
  • PQRS of Ignatia
  • Case of Ignatia
  • The core of the remedy-Aurum metallicum
  • Case Aurum metallicum
  • The core of the remedy- Phosphoric Acid

Learning objectives

  • Understanding the remedies Ignatia, Aurum metallicum, and Phosphoric acid from core
  • Understanding the specific mental aspects of each remedy.
  • Approach to the case while prescribing each of these remedies.

About Speaker

Professor, HOD, and MD guide in Ahmedabad Homeopathy College
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