Roger Van Zandvoort Complete Repertory – Part I

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Friday, April 05, 2019 . 06:30:00 AM . IST
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About Webinar

Complete Repertory by Roger Van Zandvoort is the world’s leading homeopathic repertory and is used by many homeopaths. The author Roger Van Zandvoort began his work after noticing the lack of information in repertory by Kent and first published it in the year 1996. The latest version Complete Repertory 2018 has 44 chapters with 231, 294 rubrics in total.

Complete repertory by Roger van Zandvoort is a ground-breaking repertory for students and homeopathic physicians.

Do you wish to learn and specialize in using Complete Repertory, the world's leading repertory? Then this exclusive session only on Complete Repertory is for you!

The session outlines its introduction, evolution, functionalities, features of the repertory. It is useful for practitioners, students as well as beginners in homeopathic practice wanting to learn about the Complete Repertory and how one can utilize for improved clinical outcomes.

Dr. John Millar, a popular homeopath and naturopath, and the speaker of this session will provide information about the birth of Complete Repertory, its foundation, evolution, philosophy. He will solve cases in between using Complete Repertory.

Expand your repertory knowledge and apply it for the practical purpose for a better clinical results.

Topics covered:

  • Function of a repertory
  • Kent's compromise
  • Theoretical dilemma
  • Complete Repertory & its versions
  • Rubric selection
  • A short case of Vipera
  • A case of Hypothyrodism
  • Asthma case
  • A Case of Tic Douloureux

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding function of a repertory.
  • Learn about logic, theory of generalization.
  • What are specific and characteristic symptoms?
  • Importance of particulars and general modalities.
  • Brief review of cases analysed and evaluated using Complete Repertory.

About Speaker

12 years experience as a clinical supervisor at CCNM, and 9 years at OCHM
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