Embracing the Digital Boom! A Boon for Homeopaths

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Enlightenment Education in collaboration with a team of experts in the field of integrating healthcare and technology since over a decade, brings to you this exclusive webinar on how Homeopaths can Embrace a new technology boom to their advantage.

Topics Covered

  • Boom of Medical Technologies in the COVID Era
  • Tele-medicine Market Size
  • How can a Homeopath Embrace this technology boom to their advantage?
  • Challenges faced by a various Homeopaths in their traditional Practice?
  • How to be a local doctor and yet treat patients across your country and even globally?
  • How to earn patient income even when not seeing patients personally & physically and become a 24X7 Doctor?
  • Overcoming operational challenges of being a Digital Doctor?
  • Benefits of Digitizing patients records of both online and offline (clinic) patients
  • As an individual doctor can you dream to see large number of patients in corporate organizations and other large institutions?



US & Canada: Monday, 28 June, 9pm EST, 6pm PST
India & Asia: Tuesday, 29 June, 6:30am, 3pm IST
Europe: Tuesday, 29 June 11:30am CET


Keynote Speaker

In this webinar; Dr Jawahar Shah, a clinician with more than 45 years of experience, an academician, a technocrat, and a leader in integrating Healthcare with technology will be speaking about importance of taking your practice on a global level, importance of integrating technology in today's practice to be future ready.


Punit Desai, an entrepreneur, and co-founder or WelcomeCure - The World's Largest Online Homeopathic treatment portal will be speaking about practical tips or solutions you need to know to make your practice thrive& grow online.

He will also be speaking about cost effective solutions to set up a dedicated Online Clinic with the help of Doc Solution program and team of professional supporting each doctor in their digital clinic journey.

He will share real life examples of homeopathic doctors who have successfully and with very simple steps developed their online clinic and grown their patient base beyond their locality, city, state and country.

He will shed some light on the Entrepreneurial skills one requires to build to expand their paradigms, why is it important to have a global base, and much more.


Join us for this FREE webinar and take-home practical tips which will make your practice grow by leaps and bounds!

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You are surely amongst one of the below categories and thus attending this webinar could be very beneficial & important for you!

  • Are you a Student and looking at beginning your practice?
  • Are you tired of ever-increasing rent and clinic costs?
  • Are you worried about your practice and safety due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic?
  • Is your age and health is preventing you from stepping out and seeing patients in your clinic?
  • Are you a mother/ homemaker unable to practice due to social commitments?
  • Haven't you faced challenges in sending medicines to your patients outside India and collecting your fees with ease?


About Welcome Cure's DocSolution Program

DocSolution is an exclusive platform specially designed to boost the clinical practice of Homeopathy Doctors and provides practitioners with world class services of online clinic at a minimal annual cost on a SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service).

It is the 1st of it kind solution for Homeopathy world wherein an integrated program is provided to doctors combining front-end Online Clinic, back-end Patient Management Module with CRM and EMR Tool, Marketing hand-holding and Clinical Support Services (team of assisting doctors and e-Pharmacy services)

For more information on DocSolution you can visit  www.welcomecure.com/BecomeAnAffiliate

Not only this, with this webinar you can get a chance to get:

Zomeo Elite, a Homeopathic Repertorization software FREE (Worth Rs.25000)


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About Speaker

Dr. Jawahar Shah, M.D. in Homeopathy, is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years. He has successfully treated many cases of Bronchial Asthma and Autism.
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