Achieving Thriving Practice in Homeopathy

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  • Online webinar, 1.5 hours of study.
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About Webinar

You all have passed out of the college with degree in Homeopathy, may be, some of you will achieve it soon. And what after that?.... is a big question. From where to start? and apart from book knowledge what is needed to establish as successful homeopathy practice? Well.... several things are needed.

The service of Homeopaths is as a healer, and s/he is acting in energy medicine.The Homeopath should Be Passionate & Building confidence - with clients builds trust to restore their health. Homeopaths should look fulfilled and balanced in your practice without being resentful or drained.Your goal is to empower yourself and client through nature of interaction.

Documentation, Data collection, Homeopathic Proving, Clinical & Research studies & publications in peer reviewed journals is must.Collect Testimonials – Clients who report a 90% improvement happily give testimonials which help other clients to pursue you. Referrals – plays very important role from existing clients - people follow the lead of others whom they know and trust and make decisions.

Identify hurdles in your practice. Get associated with Local & International practitioners, and likeminded people.Go for Advanced technology - Creating website, marketing strategy, make client forms electronic, Writing articles or blogs in local areas, Community website, Advertising in Souvenir, Sponsorship in youth activities, Advertising in social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc) are some of the ways to establish identity.

Apart from Entrepreneurial skills Dr. Kavitha is going to discuss some cases she cured in her practice. Isn’t it the way to successful practice?

Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor will talk on all these topics and also on other various ways of Entrepreneurial skills in Homeopathy like website creation, marketing strategy, articles, blogs, advertising, sponsorship, etc.

Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor will emphasize on need to educate public about efficacy of Homeopathy, which is an art & holistic method of healing and it addresses root/basic cause of sickness.


Schedule (Live Session)

India & Asia: Saturday, 27th November 2021, 7:00 am IST.  Repeat Session: 2:00 pm IST
US & Canada: Friday, 26th November 2021, 8:30pm Eastern Time, 5:30pm Pacific Time
Europe: Saturday, 27th November 2021, 9:30 am CET
UK: Saturday, 27th, November 2021, 8:30am London Time

Duration - 1 Hours 30 minutes of study (Online webinar)
Recording will be available post the session.


Topics Covered

  • Entrepreneur skills
  • Building a successful Homoeopathic practice


Learning Objectives

  • Requirements for setting up and grow practice
  • Achieving success in Homoeopathy practice
  • Conviction to practice Homoeopathy right from the beginning.

About Speaker

Dr. Kavitha Kukunoor is a leading Homeopath, entrepreneur in USA. President & CEO - Kavitha Holistic Approach. Founder & Director of KHA Homeopathy Study Group – Pro-bono
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