Perceiving Carcinosin in a Paediatric Age Group

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Thursday, December 16, 2021 . 08:30 PM . EST
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About Webinar

In present times, a homeopath has to think the permutations and combinations for prescribing a homeopathic remedy. It is an indeed complicated thought process before a prescription but the outcome is well simplified, complete cure. Tremendous research is going on in homeopathy at all levels and one day it may become as simple as the modern medicine. Specific remedies will be assigned to specific characteristics.

The process of simplification has started. The clinical research is going on for homeopathic remedies also. Dr. Hema Parikh, from Institute if Clinical Research, Mumbai, India will share her experience of work in paediatric patients. She will be talking on use of Carcinosin in this group.

Carcinosinum is a nosode, or should one rather say the sarcode, of cancer. It is used in the treatment of mental cases having suicidal tendency and family history of cancer.

Dr. Hema Parikh is going to discuss some interesting cases and will show how the remedy Carcinosin perfectly fits for certain characteristics in paediatric patients.



India & Asia: Friday, 17th December 2021, 7am IST.  Repeat: 2pm IST
US & Canada: Thursday, 16th December 2021, 8:30pm Eastern Time, 5:30pm Pacific Time
Europe: Friday, 17th December 2021, 9:30am CET
UK: Friday, 17th, December 2021, 8:30am London Time

Australia: Friday, 17th December 2021, 12:30pm ACT.  Repeat: 7:30pm ACT

Duration - 1 Hours 30 minutes of study (Online webinar)
Recording will be available post the session.


Topics covered

  • To understand what is Perceiving?
  • Importance of observation in perceiving  Paediatric Cases
  • To understand  what is to be perceived in a case
  • To learn how to perceive Carcinosin in a Children
  • To create a PORTRAIT of Carcinosin through cases


Learning Objectives

  • Deriving mind of  child in Rural setup
  • Importance of  observation in a children
  • Perceiving remedy in a child
  • Understanding the portrait of Carcinosin in children
  • Understanding Nosode- Carcinosin  as a Deep acting
  • Chronic Remedy in children

About Speaker

H.O.D- Department of Pediatrics at Smt Malini Kishore Sanghvi Hospital and Educational complex, Miyagam Karajan, Gujarat, India
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