A Case of Psoriasis with Infertility

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About Webinar

[India Viewers Only - Indian Language along with English used in the session]

Did you know that around 125 million people worldwide are believed to suffer from Psoriasis?

And most of them are not able to find long-lasting relief from it? So much so that many patients go into Depression because of the accompanying embarrassment caused by the disease? What if the patient is suffering from psoriasis and infertility together?

In this Zomeo classroom session, we will study a case of female suffering from psoriasis on her extremities. On further investigation, the physician found that she had infertility too.

Dr. Subrata Das with his 23 years of experience will throw light on how to get quick success in deep-seated diseases like this. He will also make you understand the concept of revolutionized homeopathy.

He will narrate the case in detail concerning the patient’s present complaints as well as his mental-emotional symptoms in the doctor-patient language.  

This lecture is not just about selecting rubrics and arriving at repertorization but about the approach to the case, about understanding the emotional picture of the patient and selecting correct rubrics.

Join our Zomeo Classroom session and gain the knowledge of this new approach to know your patients.

Topics covered

  • Revolutionize homeopathy
  • State of disposition
  • A present complaint in the case
  • Evidenced-based discussion
  • Follow up
  • Concept of the present, predominate and persistent
  • Rubric selection
  • Repertorisation
  • Nature of finally selected similimum

Learning objectives

  • Learn to prescribe according to the present mental state of the patient
  • Understand that every minute details of the patient must be noted
  • Understand  how the present, predominate and persistent symptoms help in the selection of rubrics

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About Speaker

Practicing as a Homeopathic practitioner for more than 23 years. Mainly practice on the mind technique for the selection of perfect similimum.
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