Case of Learning Disorder

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Almost 3 million children have some form of Learning disorder. The numbers are rising with each passing year, so you must be receiving cases where parents complain about their child not performing in academics. Dyslexia is the most common learning disability characterized by difficulty reading in children with normal vision and intelligence.

This lecture is a must for a homeopath handling dyslexia cases which are ever-increasing. By watching this lecture, you will gain insights into forming totality of symptoms, choosing right rubrics and master the art of repertorization in homeopathy.

This introductory lecture in Zomeo Classroom series thoroughly explains the case of a 10-year-old male child with dyslexia. It is perfectly outlined to help you understand the case-taking skill, importance of not only mental but physical attributes in the case to arrive at right remedy by selecting rubrics from various repertories found in Zomeo Homeopathic Software. This case is simple yet important which will make you feel confident in analysing and evaluating dyslexia cases using various features in Hompath Zomeo.

This lecture is not just about selecting rubrics and arriving at repertorization because once you repertorize any case, you will arrive at approximately 1000+ remedies. Which one will you select as the similimum? Will you select the remedy which comes first in repertory sheet?

Watch this lecture to get the answers and learn about the utmost useful repertorization filters in Zomeo Software, a step closer to the final prescription.

Topics covered:

  • Case History of Dyslexia patient
  • Mind and Life situation
  • Clinical examination
  • Forming totality of symptoms with reason
  • Converting symptoms into rubrics
  • Arriving at repertory sheet and using repertorization filters
  • Cross-reference to Materia Medica books before final selection of remedy
  • Treatment with follow-ups

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the importance of detailed case-taking
  • How to form totality of symptoms and reason for taking the symptoms in totality
  • How to convert symptoms into rubrics?
  • How to narrow down remedies using filters in Hompath Zomeo
  • Confirming symptoms from Materia Medica and selecting the final remedy
  • Understand the selection of remedy
  • Understanding the remedy reaction after prescribing through follow ups
  • Determining the right remedy by Identifying Hering’s Law of Cure

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About Speaker

M.D. (Homeopathy)- specializing in Practice of Medicine and a homeopathic consultant and Personal Counsellor. She is a Senior Practitioner and Administrator with Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
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Very Good Session
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Apr-17-2020 04:35:26 PM
from Dr. Somsolay Ramesh
Mar-23-2020 01:56:13 PM
very good explanation madam, thank you very much.
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Nov-14-2019 03:27:05 PM
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Nov-13-2019 01:07:05 PM
Excellent representation.
from Dariusz Jankowski
Nov-01-2019 02:43:23 PM
Amazing and absoluetely practical!
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Nov-01-2019 07:41:38 AM
Informative, Precise & up to the point.
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