Special Repertory – Part 1

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Every homeopathic physician is required to have complete comprehensive knowledge about the latest lifestyle diseases – Diabetes Mellitus & Hypertension. An extensive learning about the homeopathic remedy selection, dosage, frequency will aid in managing these modern day illnesses efficiently. Most of the time, a homeopath may be lost in vast repertory and in such cases special repertory come to in handy when dealing with these lifestyle diseases.

Dr Ajit Kulkarni, an acclaimed homeopath and Director at Homeopathic Research Institute & Clinic, India is your guide in this 2 part sessions on Special Repertory. He will extensively focus on the utility of Diabetes Repertory & Hypertension Repertory in Part 1. Part 2 will be a session on AIDS, Trauma & Thyroid Repertory.

Dr Kulkarni will talk about the causative factors in Diabetes and the different homeopathic remedies for the same. He will share about the latest research in different stage of diabetes, complications in diabetes and how homeopathy helped in healing such cases.

Does stress really cause Diabetes? Dr Kulkarni will share a topic on the personality traits of Diabetes patients and how the problems of pancreas stem from individuals not believing they deserve love.

Continuing in the session, Dr Kulkarni will also talk about various rubrics in Hypertension Repertory. His focus will be on the hypertension effects on different organs and the complications arising due to it.

Topics covered:

  • The seven causative factors in Diabetes and Homeopathic remedies
  • DNA as a remedy
  • Clinical cases of diabetes
  • Rubrics in Diabetes repertory
  • The role of emotions
  • Symbolic language of pancreas
  • Sugar, Love, Acidification and Diabetes
  • Complications in Diabetes
  • Rubrics in Hypertension Repertory
  • Complications in Hypertension
  • Sex and Hypertension

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of pathophysiology, types, signs and symptoms in Diabetes Mellitus
  • Identify the co-morbid clinical conditions associated with Diabetes
  • Understanding homeopathic aspect in the management of Diabetes & Hypertension
  • Learning the rubrics in Diabetes and Hypertension Repertory
  • Understanding the changes in organs affected by Hypertension
  • Learning about latest research in Diabetes and Hypertension
  • Recognizing the important homeopathic remedies applicable to Diabetes and Hypertension

About Speaker

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is a Gold medalist. He is an M.D. (post-graduate in homeopathy) from a leading university in India.
Most Recent Reviews
from andries van der meer
Aug-27-2019 03:46:37 PM
I agree with Pia Lehmann: one of the best webinars about the bacground of many problems and diseases. Learnt a lot. Thank you Dr. Kulkarni.
from Serafina Alberti
Aug-20-2019 06:34:49 AM
from Pia Lehmann
Aug-18-2019 04:22:56 PM
One of the best webinars with material seldom presented this way, thank you.
from Dr Krenal Patel
Aug-16-2019 05:33:28 PM
from Soumendra Biswas
Aug-16-2019 08:41:45 AM
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