Autism and Homeopathy

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According to the World Health Organization, 1 in every 160 children suffers from Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Homeopathic Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders brings out a very significant topic of Autism for discussion and opportunities under Homeopathic treatment. Autism affects the perceiving and acknowledging abilities of a person causing problems in social interaction and communication. These diverse groups of conditions are disorders characterized by repetitive behaviors and are explained in depth in this luminous webinar. It is important to detect early signs in children in their social communication and interaction skills by correctly observing behavioral patterns for a superior outcome.

Understanding the hallmark symptoms of Autism and forming meaningful totality is the key to the Homeopathic treatment of Autism. Using the correct approach, rubrics and material medica Dr. Samir Chaukkar has brilliantly demonstrated the various states of autism in this session.

Apart from sharing extremely interesting cases, the speaker has shared a detailed questionnaire in case-taking form. He has illustrated many important remedies like Belladonna, Coffea, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, etc in this very resourceful webinar. He has also presented important Rubrics with respect to common clinical features of autism.

Dr. Samir Chaukkar has vast clinical experience and is an owner of enormous knowledge. He shares some of his brilliant cases in this seminar too for your intensive understanding of Autism and the Role of Homeopathy in its treatment.



India & Asia: Friday, 14th January 2022, 7am IST.  Repeat: 2pm IST
US & Canada: Thursday, 13th January 2022, 8:30pm Eastern Time, 5:30pm Pacific Time
Europe: Friday, 14th January 2022, 9:30am CET
UK: Friday, 14th January 2022, 8:30am London Time

Australia: Friday, 14th January 2022, 12:30pm ACT.  Repeat: 7:30pm ACT

Duration - 1 Hours 30 minutes of study (Online webinar)
Recording will be available post the session.



  • A detailed introduction and in-depth discussion of Autism Spectrum Disorder including Autism, Asperger's syndrome, Childhood disintegrative disorder, and an unspecified form of pervasive developmental disorder.
  • Causes, symptomatology, diagnosis and real-life detection of Autism through Early Signs related to social communication and interaction with others.
  • Behavioral patterns
  • A homeopathic approach using various states of a child forming the correct totality
  • Study of important Remedies and Rubrics in relation to Autism
  • Homeopathic Case taking in Autism with a detailed questionnaire
  • Case studies with a depiction of Homeopathy’s role in Autism spectrum disorders



  • Understanding elements and crucial aspects of Autism 
  • A comprehensive study of all features of Autism Symptomatology and States
  • Comprehension of Homeopathy’s strength in improving Autistic behavior
  • Study of important remedies, rubrics and cases to understand Autism better in a Homeopathic way.

About Speaker

Dean, Dr Batra's® Academy
Most Recent Reviews
from Jane Saunders
Feb-14-2022 10:56:59 AM
Enjoyed this presentation and also great to go through some cases in detail and also see the use of Bach Flowers too. Thank you
from Lisa Klinger
Jan-31-2022 09:17:53 AM
Very informative and enlightening course.
from Madhuri Ravikanth
Jan-20-2022 06:35:53 PM
from Janet Fuller
Jan-14-2022 08:48:33 PM
Comprehensive lecture on autism and it's treatment. Very helpful information on case taking, repertorizing and case studies.
from Siw Hult
Jan-14-2022 03:32:27 PM
Very interesting today too. But the sound is difficult to listen to, like talking in a box or can!
from Nagaraj H B
Jan-14-2022 08:41:02 AM
Very Informative lecture/webinar
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