Evolutionary Materia Medica of Magnesium

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To understand the heart of Magnesium trait, investigate the mother’s state during and after pregnancy.

- What emotions did she go through during pregnancy?

- How was the situation during and after delivery?

- Nail these and you will catch a magnesium personality!

Dr. Jawahar Shah will explain why the core emotion of magnesium is that of rejection, being unloved and anxiety. He will explore the state of a woman during pregnancy and how the outcome affects her child.

Magnesium has an emotional state like that of Natrum and a physical state like Calcarea. His upbringing and circumstances make him bitter and there is a development of the feeling of hardness. This also reflects in bodily ailments found in magnesium.

Do not miss this lecture, for you will learn the exact “Orphan feeling” found in Magnesium with the help of The Cinderella Story.

Topics covered:

  • Pathophysiology of Magnesium
  • Magnesium childhood
  • Core traits: Rejection, hardness, suppression
  • Magnesium dreams, delusions
  • Cinderella effect
  • The destructive ability of Magnesium
  • Anxiety and insecurity
  • Depression
  • Fight and Flight response
  • Psychotic activities
  • Clinical conditions in Magnesium
  • Pain, Discharges, Cravings, Aversions, Aggravations, Ameliorations
  • Clinical cases:
    • Autism
    • Cancer caecum
    • Bronchial asthma
    • Necrosis of joint
    • Worms
    • Depression
    • Constipation

Learning Objectives

  • Importance of the mother’s mental and physical state during pregnancy
  • The core traits of Magnesium personality
  • How to appropriately uncover the child’s reaction, emotional state?
  • How to evaluate the mental and physical state of Magnesium personality?
  • How to confidently and correctly prescribe Magnesium, shown through various clinical cases?

About Speaker

Dr. Jawahar Shah, M.D. in Homeopathy, is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years. He has successfully treated many cases of Bronchial Asthma and Autism.
Most Recent Reviews
from andries van der meer
Apr-15-2020 12:42:27 PM
A wonderful course where I have learned still a lot of new details about the different Magnesia salts. Thank you Dr. Shah.
from Saran
Apr-13-2020 09:44:06 PM
Sir, I could not understand why u gave PSORINUM 10M ,if the vitality is low and patient is not giving any characteristic symptom .why didnt u gave low potency ..in this case we have only theme of MAGNESIUM but no other symptom... As in one of ur case of malignancy where patient had advanced pathology u started medicine with "X "potency and gradually increases ... Then why to give nosode also in high potency as intercurrent medicine u boost the vitality ...why 10M ,we could have used medium potency as intercurrent???
from Dr. Piyushkumar Parmar
Apr-13-2020 07:11:54 AM
Very very excellent presentation for opening of keen observation obout Magnesium , Lots of heartily thanks to Dr. Jawahar Shah Sir and team for sharing this beutiful world of Magnesium. You opening our eyes and clear the vision from blurred to 4K,8K about Magnesium .
from Ramya R
Apr-10-2020 07:06:19 PM
from Linda Capobianco
Mar-13-2020 07:35:49 AM
I love this series of courses! It covers the remedies in a unique way which makes you truly understand them! Thank you Dr. Shah for another brilliant course!
from Larisa Lyapunova
Mar-04-2020 02:39:09 AM
Unique webinars with lots of new informations.Thank you very much.
from Dariusz Jankowski
Feb-28-2020 02:50:59 PM
This webinar as well as the others are absolutely amazing, perfectly good, and wonderfully well prepared!!! Thank you
from Krenal Patel
Feb-28-2020 10:03:16 AM
from Alfred
Feb-28-2020 09:46:45 AM
from Olga Loginova
Feb-28-2020 07:15:06 AM
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