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I found the information very interesting and the case impressive.3 hours is a long time and a lot of things happened during that time so I could not attend all of the presentation.Also there were slides that did not always match what was being discussed and this was a bit of a distraction.Perhaps it could be shorter time with summary documents or breaks during the webinar to complete an exercise or read /research something.It might also help if a questionnaire /reading suggestions was sent out 2 days before the webinar to encourage participants to prepare.Thank you for passing on your experience and information,it is all valuable.
Thank you for presenting this very informative seminar. I am happy to share how much I learned with my colleagues. Bless you and your hard-working team. I look forward to learning more. Also thanks for your passion about Homeopathy. LOVE IT!!!!!
Dr Meeta Anand
it was very informative webinar.. right from case taking to supprtive management ... all aspects were covered in very organised and very interesting pattern... thank you sir for sharing case taking form with students... cases shown were nicely selected so that variety of different presentations in autism could be accomodated in this seminar..looking forward to attend future seminars too.... thank you..
Dr Nirupama
Extremely informative webinar
Dr. Cindy
The cases presented are great,presentation well done and they have great Q/A sessions
Dwip Narayan
the information ,the presentation ,the teachings we have learnt from the webinar available nowhere.from every webinar our conception level is getting more depth and confidence .Nowhere is available such an enlightment what we easily get without going outside from Enlightment Education Leaded by respected Dr.J.Shah.So much thanks and heartiest regards to Dr.J.Shah without whom we would be deprived of this opportunity of valuable learning from different stalwarts of homoeopathy on various topics.Thanks to Enlightment Education team .
Dwip Narayan
excellent webinar ,a new dimension,an unique expression ,so complicated information of our human constitution so simply presented with smile and entertainment with video presentation.
Thank You very much! I was really impressed! I will be waiting for the next seminar! Best regards!
Their webinars are full of illustrative cases and helpful comments. I'm happy to have subscribed.
Thank you very much for hosting these webinars.I look forward to more in the future!
An amazing integrated journey to stand in par and empower ourselves with knowledge skills and case management yeh dil manage more . Thanks for organising DR Shah grateful
Great Value Webinars and Very Knowlegeable content
I have learned a great deal from this webinar series, thanks to the entire team for producing it. I will definitely watch any webinars that you produce. warmly lorne
Inspirational Webinar for studying and practicing the Art and Science of Homeopathy. This webinar brings to us Teacher's qualities of Vision, Competence, Generosity along with Hard work, Determination and a Complete dedication, but most of all, it helps restore one's Faith in Homeopathic Treatment.
The depth of knowledge and experience and the enthusiasm for his work shown in the webinar are quite inspiring. It was also very interesting to hear comments on how the social system in India affects people's situation.
Simply splendid! What more can one say? Well structured presentation of highly documented information, and at the same time managed to involve and coax the participants to tske an active part. Another great success organised by Enlightenment Education.
This webinar is very interesting, very instructive and adaping to actual cazuistics.
Mona Anisa
Today the seminar topics, presentation and sound quality was very good. Thank you
Richard L.
Excellent webinar,with a lot of images describing the Miasms.Making it a lot easier to comprehend Thank you Dr. Shah and is great team
Richard L.
Super Webinar, very informative.Thanks for the opportunity and your willingness to share your knowledge
Richard L.
Superb,Enjoyed it,very instructional.I appreciate Dr. Shah's willingness to share is keen knowledge When is the next webinar. Thank you
Thank you so much! Your webinars are very interesting and informative.
Wonderful experience. Wants to attend more such webinar. Thanks sir
This webinar has given me some valuable information for my practice. Thank you. I will watch the recording to retain as much as possible.