Different methods of repertorisation including Elimination Method

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A homeopathic physician should familiarise himself with using a repertory efficiently. Consistent use of repertory in daily practice is the key to derive maximum benefit from a repertory. Utility of a repertory depends on its philosophy, plan and construction. If you understand these, you will be able to solve different types of cases using different repertory and not accustomed to only one.

The purpose of repertorisation is to reduce the number of possible remedies to a smaller amount so that we can perform a differential diagnosis only between the most relevant ones. With evolution of repertories, the logic behind their structure developed different methods of repertorisation which is essential to understand for correct use of the repertory.

The advent of software has made repertorising a case quick and easy but still in certain cases which come to standstill different methods can be implemented to arrive at a prescription. Not many are aware of ‘elimination method in repertorisation’. This method most of the times help to eliminate remedies leading to final few remedies.

Petr Hoffman, a teacher of Homeopathy from Czech Republic and the speaker of this session will talk about utility of repertory and methods of repertorisation. With help of cases, he will extensively explain and narrate the Elimination method. He will also describe about balanced and unbalanced rubrics.

Topics covered:

  • When and how we use a repertory
  • How a symptom gets into a repertory
  • Underlining (intensity) of remedies in the rubrics
  • Balanced /unbalanced rubrics
  • Elimination method

Learning objectives:

  • Importance of repertorisation
  • Importance of rubrics and intensity of remedies in the rubrics
  • How to use eliminative method and Importance of eliminative method to reach final similimum

About Speaker

Petr Hoffmann, Dip. IACH (International Academy of Classical Homeopathy)
Most Recent Reviews
from Gayathri Shankar
Apr-11-2020 11:21:50 AM
from Ann Jones
Sep-04-2019 06:26:11 PM
Thank yo Petr. I had trained 20 years ago , using the elimination method but had abandoned it as I couldn't trust the rubrics. You have clarified this method through the explanation of the weight of remedies, the presence of key notes and so on. I look forward to using this method again.
from Serafina Alberti
Sep-04-2019 01:08:08 PM
from andries van der meer
Sep-02-2019 12:47:38 PM
A very good webinar. The theory behind balanced and unbalanced rubrics was very good explained. Also the Elimination Method was a eye-opener. Well done Petr Hofffman and thanks.
from Chhabilal Behera
Aug-31-2019 03:32:37 PM
from Soumendra Biswas
Aug-30-2019 08:08:23 AM
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