Special Repertory – Part 2

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With the epidemic of AIDS, healthcare professionals are encountering the dwindling of immune system. The infection attacks the patients defence mechanism and are prone to various illnesses. The development and advancement in Homeopathic research has led to the findings of efficacy of Homeopathy medicines in various stages of illnesses in certain cases of HIV patients.

Dr Ajit Kulkarni, an acclaimed homeopath and Director at Homeopathic Research Institute & Clinic, India continuing with the sessions about Special Repertory in Homeopathy, will talk extensively about AIDS and clinical rubrics in AIDS repertory.

This second session by Dr Kulkarni will also tackle Thyroid and Trauma repertory. He will share about the manifestations in thyroid diseases and the latest research in different stage of thyroid conditions.  

Dr Kulkarni will also focus on a small but useful repertory on Trauma and shares few cases.

Topics covered:

  • Clinical rubrics in AIDS repertory
  • Various conditions associated with HIV
  • Rubrics in Thyroid repertory
  • Manifestation of Thyroid disease
  • Hyperthyroidism and Hypothyroidism
  • Rubrics in Trauma Repertory
  • Cases associated with Trauma

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding of pathophysiology, signs and symptoms in AIDS and Thyroid Disorders
  • Identify the co-morbid clinical conditions associated with HIV
  • Understanding homeopathic aspect in the management of AIDS, Thyroid diseases and Trauma cases
  • Learning the useful rubrics in AIDS, Thyroid and Trauma Repertory
  • Learning about latest research in AIDS and Thyroid disorders

About Speaker

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is a Gold medalist. He is an M.D. (post-graduate in homeopathy) from a leading university in India.
Most Recent Reviews
from Zuzana Vichova
May-06-2020 03:07:46 AM
very bad sound, the presenter is difficult to understand, not very informative course either
from Hiralal Das
Aug-23-2019 08:59:04 PM
from Dr Krenal Patel
Aug-23-2019 08:54:52 AM
Amzing small repertory by dr ajit & informative webinar...new cocept with lifestyle disease
from Soumendra Biswas
Aug-23-2019 08:21:28 AM
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