Case of Polycystic Ovarian Disorder(PCOD)

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About Webinar

Obesity due to hormonal disorder is roaring among the young population and PCOD (Polycystic ovarian disorder) is rampant among the disorders. When a homeopathic physician receives a complex case of PCOD he strives to work his best by choosing the holistic approach. An approach that covers mental as well as physicals of the case. But what if there aren’t any characteristic mentals in a case? You can’t forcefully make any symptom as PQRS.

Watch this lecture on the case of PCOD where it is difficult to extract the mental picture of a patient. What should you do in such cases? Does homeopathy fall short when there aren’t any PQRS at mental sphere?

Dr Neha Khodke, the speaker of this lecture will meticulously explain how to tackle the case of PCOD with many physical particulars and general symptoms. She will demonstrate how Boenninghausen’s approach proved fruitful for this case which was earlier treated with modern medicines without any relief.

Boenninghausen emphasized on PQRS at any level, be it mental or physical. You will understand the importance of concomitants in this case and how they helped in relieving the patient. This lecture will clarify his philosophy and how to utilize it practically.

The utmost important sign of improvement for any PCOD patient is the regularity of her menses. The next concern is the weight gain in PCOD. Watch this lecture to understand the duration of action of the prescribed medicine and how long it took for the appearance of menses and weight loss.

Topics covered

  • Case history
  • Diagnosis through investigations
  • Homeopathic approach with explanation
  • Totality of symptoms
  • Conversion of symptoms to rubrics with reasons

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to analyze cases with an abundance of physical particulars
  • How to utilize Boenninghausen’s approach
  • Understand the importance of pathology in determining the miasmatic evolution
  • Recognize how a right remedy will improve the chief complaint as well as other particulars

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About Speaker

M.D. (Homeopathy)- specializing in Practice of Medicine and a homeopathic consultant and Personal Counsellor. She is a Senior Practitioner and Administrator with Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Most Recent Reviews
from Dr. Arun Kumar Goar
Nov-17-2020 12:07:06 PM
Very informative and motivational knowledgeable Webinar session about POCD.
from Verica Matuzovic
Oct-27-2020 11:43:51 PM
from Dr.Komal Sanjay Kadam
Aug-06-2020 07:56:13 PM
Very interesting & simplify the reperterisation of case
from Dr. Ravindra Anthwal
Jul-28-2020 05:06:28 AM
from Jennifer RD
Apr-11-2020 12:53:45 AM
Could be more active & energetic
from Shireen Akhavi
Dec-05-2019 10:34:36 PM
Excellent step by step teaching.
from Arjun Rout
Dec-05-2019 08:35:55 PM
I received a mail from Alfred that new Zomeo can search rubric and remedy with drug mark , can you demonstrate the same in any Webern ?, I attache the mail. Thanking you We are pleased to announce the new release of Zomeo Repertory Software with number of useful features to enhance your clinical practice. Check out our new features in Zomeo 13.3.0 version as below. Image Search rubrics with remedies and drug marks. Type "anxiety morning sulph" to search symptoms having anxiety, morning rubric terms and having Sulphur as a remedy. Type "anxiety morning 3:chin" to search symptoms having anxiety, morning rubric terms and having China remedy with drug mark 3. Image Auto Word suggestions and previously searched words. Start typing any word in repertory and books search, you will get suggested words. The software also remembers the last searched keywords for faster search. Image Cases Module This new feature allows you to browse and search for more than 8000 solved cases by different authors. Image Cases of Remedies This feature provides you with the list of cases for the selected remedy. The solved cases help you to confirm and verify the remedy for the prescription. Image View Alternate Symptoms Quick rep feature automatically records the most suitable symptom for you. However, you may want to view other important rubrics for your searched words. This feature allows you to refer other rubrics and record Image Color Themes for Repertorisation Sheet Repertorisation sheet is important for analysing patient symptoms and arrive at a right similimum. You can set different color themes for your repertorisation sheet to assist your analysis. How to get these features?
from kurush kapadia
Dec-02-2019 06:34:08 AM
from andries van der meer
Nov-30-2019 03:56:11 PM
Again a wonderful webinar about as well the case taking and solution but also a very good explain of Hompath Zomeo. Thank you Dr. Neha Khodke.
from Mirza Ashfaq Anjum
Nov-29-2019 03:16:30 PM
Very interesting and informative lecture
from Dalila Arbune
Nov-29-2019 02:05:00 PM
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