Day 1: Inauguration and Understanding the Concept of Integrative Medical Treatment

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Wednesday, October 28, 2020 . 09:30:00 PM . EST
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About Webinar

Day 1: Inauguration and Understanding the Concept of Integrative Medical Treatment

Honourable Minister for Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, Dr. Harsh VardhanJi, Honourable Minster for AYUSH, Government of India, Shripad NaikJi, Task Force Chairman Padmashree Dr. Tatyarao LahaneJi, Co-Chairman Dr. K. R.  KohliJi, will address during the inauguration of the webinar on International Integrative COVID-19 Patient Management Webinar’ Series.

This webinar series is an innovative initiative, comprised of topics on the integrative medicine approach from the world’s leading practitioners. The integrative approach will widen the treatment horizon by improving the public health in times of COVID.

United by our passion and to share knowledge and experience with others, we aim to inspire you to improve professional confidence and encourage you to utilize integrative medicine for the benefit of patients.

With this vision, the first day of the webinar focuses on understanding integrative medicine and its future, its benefits, understanding the mind and body connection, and ways to increase immunity.

Schedule : 29th October 2020

India Time: 7 AM IST and 3 PM IST (Repeat Session)

US Time: 9:30 PM EST(28th Oct) and 5:30 AM EST (Repeat Session)

US Time: 6:30 PM PST(28th Oct) and 2:30 AM PST (Repeat Session)

European Time: 3:30 AM CET and 11:30 AM CET (Repeat Session)

Topics covered

  1. Benefits of Integrative approach in managing the patients by Dr. Menachum Oberbaum MD, M.F(Hom) London from Jerusalem, Israel
  2. Breast cancer and COVID-19: an integrative approach to the treatment dilemmas by Dr. Beth Dupree, USA
  3. Integrative approach to the management of COVID-19 by Dr. Dilip Sarkar, USA
  4. Tele-health care delivery and management during and post COVID-19 by Dr. Raj Shah, Cardiologist from USA
  5. Integrative medicine principles and potential in COVID-19 by Dr. Navin Pawaskar
  6. Role of yoga and meditation in the management of COVID-19 patients by Siddh Yogi Ishan Shivanand

Learning objectives

  • Understand the concept of integrative approach.
  • Learn about the future of the integrative system of medicine.
  • Learn to gift patients quality health with integrative treatment.
  • Learn about breast cancer and COVID-19.
  • Tele-health care is a future of global health - take a quantum leap today and now.
  • Learn the concept of meditation and yoga for COVID-19.

About Speaker

Dilip Sarkar, MD, FACS, C-IAYT, D. Litt (Yoga), Certified Yoga Therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner.
Beth Baughman Dupree, M.D., F.A.C.S., A.B.O.I.M, Postgraduate Training and Fellowship Appointments: Residency in General Surgery, Albert Einstein Hospital, Philadelphia, PA
Acharya Ishan Shivanand Ji is the founder of Yoga of Immortals, a widely popular and record-breaking curriculum of primordial yoga, meditation and pranayama.
Dr. Raj Shah is a founder, president and chief executive officer at SmartCareDoc and HeartCare
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