Evolutionary Materia Medica of Natrum

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About Webinar

Sodium salts are extensively used in Homeopathic medicines due to their physiological action on water movement and acid-base equilibrium in the human body. When sodium combines with other salts such as Arsenic, Fluorine, Phosphorus, Sulphur, Carbon, Phosphate, Silicate it modifies the basic Natrum in relation to the organs affected, creates PQRS, and the development of different evolution.

This session in the Materia Medica series on Natrum group of remedies by Dr Jawahar Shah will cover the basic quality of Natrum as a mineral and as a group Remedy. Learn about the seven-dimensional view of this remedy through several cases to support this concept and that will be followed by the glimpses of different remedies.

Dr. Jawahar Shah will explain the core traits of the Natrum group. How the changeability in Natrum reflects in a person and how pregnant mother’s emotions transfer to the fetus and its effect later on in the life of that child. 

Understand the ‘attraction’ in Natrum personality and how it results in the emotional development of the child and later on in adulthood. Learn about the famous ‘brooding’ trait in Natrum and various psychotic illness, bipolar disorders, schizophrenia, etc. 

Dr Jawahar Shah will conclude the session with the miasmatic evolution of the Natrum group of remedies and keynotes of important Natrum salts. 

By attending this course, you will learn about the core traits of Natrum personality right from birth to childhood and throughout adult life. The learning is not limited to the brooding of Natrum but extends beyond it, the emotional development and physical effects presented in the Natrum group of remedies. 

Topics covered:

  • Physiology of Sodium element
  • Group nature of Natrum
  • Core traits of Natrum: Changeability, attachment, brooding, hypersensitivity, hurt, guilt, withdrawal, anger, depression, fight & flight response
  • Understanding of Natrum through women’s perspective
  • Extreme states in Natrum
  • Miasmatic relation of Natrum
  • Characteristics of Natrum group
  • Keynote symptoms of: Nat mur, Nat fluor, Nat iod, Nat Sil, Nat acet, Nat brom, Nat nit, Nat sulph, Nat taurocholicum, Nat telluricum
  • Clinical cases to support the group study of Natrum

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the basic traits of Natrum with respect to mental, emotional, physical development
  • Learning the red flag symptoms of Natrum group
  • Understanding the uniqueness of Natrum personality of a person throughout his childhood, adulthood and old age
  • Learning the effective prescribing of Natrum salt by understanding the miasmatic evolution
  • Applying the knowledge to practical application by studying the clinical cases

About Speaker

Dr. Jawahar Shah, M.D. in Homeopathy, is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years. He has successfully treated many cases of Bronchial Asthma and Autism.
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from Rephael HADARY
Aug-05-2020 01:19:45 PM
from Dr. Punya Vinod
Jul-08-2020 04:53:38 PM
from Roshani Nemlekar
Jul-06-2020 03:37:03 PM
Very precise and clear
from Piyush Parmar
May-20-2020 07:36:45 AM
from andries van der meer
May-13-2020 11:49:12 AM
Dr. Shah thanks for again a wonderful session; the totality of the 7 dimensional course was phenomenal. Many thanks to you and your complete team. I have enjoyed it.
from Gayathri Saravanan
Apr-06-2020 11:49:11 PM
from Sher Singh
Mar-26-2020 12:41:01 PM
Unmatchable, Uncompareable, Amazing course. Thanks a lot.
from Vivienne Kahan
Mar-22-2020 02:48:41 PM
Loved this course on Natrum. The presenter made it very interesting and easy to watch
from Linda Capobianco
Mar-13-2020 08:29:05 PM
Amazing course which goes through the Natrum groups from childhood all the way to adulthood and all the characteristics of each with their miasmatic phases as well. A really new way to view the remedies and learn how to have an unprejudiced view of them. This course makes it so much easier to find the right remedy when needed. I feel so much more confident now! Thank you for creating such a wonderful course!
from Krenal Patel
Mar-13-2020 09:11:09 AM
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