Healing through integration of Psycho-Neurobics, Homeopathy & Naturopathy - A Glimpse

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Psycho-neurobics draws on the divine energy through meditation.Naturopathyis based on balancing the 5 elements. It integrates very well with Homeopathywhich works on diseases by using the principal of vital force or the spirit and of a gentle healing blending with nature to provide treatment to the body and mind towards long term healthy life. 

Psycho-Neurobics, the science which works on harnessing the divine energy through meditation, heals the parts of the body which have been receiving less spiritual energy and hence making them diseased. 

Enlightening Neurobics have several benefits. It helps in depression, provides relief from migraine, increases psychic power, relieves nerves and eye disorder, increases memory and mind power and many more.

Benefits of Peaceful Neurobics include cleansing of upper-respiratory tracts, improving blood circulation, removing depression by making the mind healthy and resistant, removes chronic fatigue syndrome releases stress and many more.

There is importance of type of food, choice of food, way of cooking and type of vessels used for cooking.

Dr. Munish Subharwal will talk on all these aspects of Psycho-Neurobics and Naturopathy and its integration with Homeopathy.'



India & Asia: Saturday, 19th February 2022, 7am IST.  Repeat: 2pm IST
US & Canada: Friday, 18th February 2022, 8:30pm Eastern Time, 5:30pm Pacific Time
Europe: Saturday, 19th February 2022, 9:30am CET
UK: Saturday, 19th February 2022, 8:30am London Time

Australia: Saturday, 19th February 2022, 12:30pm ACT.  Repeat: 7:30pm ACT

Duration - 1 Hours 30 minutes of study (Online webinar)
Recording will be available post the session.


Topics covered

  • Fundamentals and benefits of Psycho-Neurobics and Naturopathy
  • Choices of food


Learning objectives

  • Integration of Psycho-Neurobics and Naturopathy with Homeopathy
  • Integration of exercises and Mudras

About Speaker

Healing of Major Diseases using Integration of Homeopathy, Psychoneurobics and Naturopathy. Published 8 papers in Medical Journals.
Most Recent Reviews
from Madhuri Ravikanth
Feb-20-2022 09:42:49 PM
Amazing session. Thank you very much Sir.
from Anna Chibisova
Feb-19-2022 03:41:52 PM

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