Understanding Body Language and its implications in Homeopathy - Part 1

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Thursday, December 30, 2021 . 08:30 PM . EST
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About Webinar

When you speak to someone face to face, it is not only that his voice is heard but is constantly throwing off non-verbal messages through body gestures and facial expressions. A same gesture often can indicate different meaning depending on the context.

In this online homeopathic webinar by Dr.Ajit Kulkarni is going to teach about non-verbal cues, how to interpret body language, read between the lines when the patient’s verbal communication aren’t conveying the honest feeling.
Words can be deceptive and this is where reading body language can be extremely useful in homeopathic case taking.

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is popular in the world for his novel presentation on Materia medica and on Body Language. He has organized many seminars and training courses of “body language” too in a unique style of blending psychology and pathology with homeopathy.



India & Asia: Friday, 31st December 2021, 7am IST. Repeat: 2pm IST

US & Canada: Thursday, 30th December 2021, 8:30pm Eastern Time, 5:30pm Pacific Time

Europe: Friday, 31st December 2021, 9:30am CET

UK: Friday, 31st, December 2021, 8:30am London Time

Australia: Friday, 31st December 2021, 12:30pm ACT. Repeat: 7:30pm ACT

Duration - 1 Hours 30 minutes of study (Online webinar)

Recording will be available post the session.


Learning Objectives

  • Body Language - It’s Utility in clinical practice
  • The choreography of body
  • Basic modes of body language
  • Homeopathic perspective on body language

About Speaker

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is a Gold medalist. He is an M.D. (post-graduate in homeopathy) from a leading university in India.
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