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Below are some of the best courses available in free trial, 100 courses in total.

  1. 30 session series ‘Soul of Repertory and Repertorisation’
  2. 12 session series ‘Homeopathy Heals’
  3. 10 session series ‘Management of Psychiatric Conditions with Homeopathy’
  4. 4 session series ‘Unfolding Miasms’
And Many more…
Here are few glimpses of our courses

Webinar on Miasms - Psora

Practical approach in managing Autism in children

Understanding of Materia Medica of Medorrhinum

Session on Boger Synoptic Key Repertory

100+ experienced practitioners, researchers in homeopathy are your teachers. Our teachers are not just teachers; they are experienced clinicians.
Alastair Gray Dana Ullman
Denise Straiges Dr. Abhay Talwalkar
Dr. Ajit Kulkarni Dr. Anoop Nigwekar
Dr. Jawahar Shah Dr. John Millar
Dr. Joseph Kellerstein Dr. Kumar Dhawale
Dr. Manoj Patel Dr. Parinaz Humranwala
Dr. Shashi Kant Tiwari Dr. R. K. Manchanda
And Many more…
What our attendees said
“Thank you for presenting the informative webinar. I am happy to share how much I learned with my colleagues. Bless you and your hard-working team. I look forward to learning more. Also thanks for your passion about Homeopathy. LOVE IT”

Cynthia Brant, Australia

“Very informative webinar. Right from case taking to supportive management, all aspects were covered in very organised and very interesting pattern. Cases shown were nicely selected so that variety of different presentations in autism could be accommodated. Looking forward to attend future sessions too”

Dr Meeta Anand Pradhan, India

“Inspirational Webinar for studying and practicing the Art and Science of Homeopathy. Webinar brings to us Teacher's qualities of Vision, Competence, Generosity along with Hard work, Determination and a Complete dedication, but most of all, it helps restore one's Faith in Homeopathic Treatment.”

Magdalena Paula, United States

“The webinars are full of illustrative cases and helpful comments. I'm happy to have subscribed.”

Joanna Kantor, Poland