Acute Case Taking

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Day in and day out you must come across acute diseases in the practice. What do you do? Do you refer the patient even before thinking of prescribing homeopathy? Why some cases don’t respond to acute remedy and why deep acting constitutional remedy acts?

Acute case-taking and prescribing is the most challenging topic in homeopathy. As a homeopath, one must be alert in the understanding type of acute and its homeopathic management. These sessions on Acute Case-taking in Online Course on Repertory & Repertorisation will give you confidence in treating acute cases and sharpen the clinical thinking to diagnose the condition.

This 2-part session is outlined to help you appreciate strength of homeopathy in acute cases. Each session will provide abundant and precise keynotes from the sources in order to investigate, analyse, evaluate case studies.

Topics covered:

  • Concept of Disease in Homeopathy
  • Concept of Acute Disease
  • Investigation (Case Taking) In Acute Disease
  • Concept of Acute Prescribing
  • Understanding the susceptibility in acute diseases
  • Guidelines to select acute and constitutional remedy in acute disease


Session 1: Acute Case Taking - Part 1 by Dr Hitesh Purohit

Dr Hitesh Purohit explains the concept of Acute prescribing, Acute Cases of infection (Fever, Respiratory, GIT), Psychiatry & Coma.

Session 2: Acute Case Taking - Part 2 by Dr Dilip Nandha

Dr Dilip Nandha guides you the process of assessing acute cases & explains strength of homeopathic medicine in relieving acute ailments

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the classification of acute diseases in Organon of Medicine
  • Discuss the concept of disease and its application in clinical practice
  • Explore the evaluation method in order to form an acute totality
  • Cultivate a deeper understanding of differentiating closely related remedies
  • Importance of posology and susceptibility in acute disease

About Speaker

Medical Superintendent – Clinical Head & Homoeopathic Consultant to General Medicine Dept. and NABH Coordinator (Since Dec. 2016)
Principal at Smt Malini Kishore Sanghvi Homoeopathic college &Educational complex: Karjan
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from Serafina Alberti
Mar-18-2019 01:16:16 PM
from Linda Capobianco
Mar-15-2019 03:38:31 AM
You don't want to miss this! Amazing cases and much to learn from the Masters!
from Dr. ishwar Patel
Mar-13-2019 12:40:09 PM
Very good lacture for acute case taking
from Baerbel Weber
Mar-11-2019 11:48:09 PM
from Richard L. Dery
Mar-10-2019 10:14:44 PM
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