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Have you ever wondered why Kent's Repertory - Repertory of the Homeopathic Materia Medica has been the bedrock of most of the repertories? Even the modern repertory - Complete and Synthesis Repertory are continuing Kent's philosophy. Kent's repertory is defined to be 'methodical and complete' with precisely arranged rubrics.

Kentian method gained popularity and many homeopaths were influenced with his philosophy of treating patients by taking in mental, emotional, intellectual symptoms as wells as physical generals, particulars.

Even today with the development of repertories if you don't understand the groundwork of Kent's repertory, you are most likely to be unsuccessful in treating the patients with utmost relief. To help you understand Kentian philosophy, our eminent homeopath speakers - Dr Hema Parikh and Dr Nikunj Jani will share evidence-based cases treated using Kent's repertory. 

This 2-part course addresses the Kent's concept of mental symptoms, general and particular symptoms.

Session 1:

Dr Hema Parikh, Professor of Repertory, talks about Kent's biography and his contributions to the homeopathy world. Her session encloses comprehensive learning of Kent's concept with the help of 4 clinical cases.

Session 2:

Dr. Nikunj Jani, Professor of Repertory will guide you to form totality according to Kent’s philosophy, Scope of Kent’s repertory, limitations of Kent’s repertory and application of the Kent’s Repertory to clinical cases.

Topics covered:

  • Kent's biography and his literary works
  • Kent's concept of repertorial totality
  • When to use Kent's repertory
  • Study of natural diseases
  • Practical cases

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand concept of Individualisation according to Kent
  • Understand evidence-based cases using Kentian philosophy
  • Cleary grasp the Kentian concept for enhancing its utility in your practice
  • Recognise when to use Kent's repertory in different types of cases

About Speaker

H.O.D- Department of Pediatrics at Smt Malini Kishore Sanghvi Hospital and Educational complex, Miyagam Karajan, Gujarat, India
Dr Nikunj Jani is a Homoeopathic Physician, Practicing at Mumbai, with focus on providing Standardized and Accurate Homoeopathic Treatment for Acute and Chronic Ailments.
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