Mission Success- Give Wings to Your Dreams

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37 Sessions Complete Schedule
  • Online webinar, 100 hours of study.
  • No time limit for completing your course.
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As homeopathic students, we all have been blessed by the rock-solid foundation and strong training provided by our homeopathic colleges and institutions.

When such a powerful education gets integrated with the latest learning tools, skill upliftment and steady mentoring, this can translate into the creation of committed Homeopaths who will confidently be able to carry forward the legacy of Homeopathy.

We welcome you to Mission Success, a program that will work in wonderful synergy with the training provided by homeopathic colleges.

We Wish To Give You The Best


You could be an undergraduate in Homeopathy or a student pursuing a post-graduation in Homeopathy. You could be a teacher who works to impart the best knowledge to your students. Or you could represent an entire homeopathic college or institution, working towards taking all your students and its teachers to the next level.

Mission Success is apt for each of you.

With our line-up of nationally and internationally acclaimed clinicians, prescribers and teachers, we are certain that their expertise and knowledge will be a multidimensional value-added bonus to the professional and academic career of every homeopath.


The Benefits Are Numerous

  • Every session beautifully complements the education provided by homeopathic institutions. This will help to cement homeopathic and clinical knowledge in the everyday working of the students and early homeopaths.
  • Exposure to a wide range of cases and different repertorial and non-repertorial approaches that are used to solve them will help to upscale confidence in homeopathic prescribing and follow-up.
  • In-depth insight into different types of case taking, miasmatic studyand evolution of remedies.
  • Practice-oriented learning which can generate revenue right fromyour internship days.
  • Introduction to basics of Nutrition and Auxiliary management.
  • Technology is now playing a key role in homeopathic practice.Staying up-to-date in the latest and most effective tools of repertorization and case analysis will definitely magnify your success in homeopathic academics and practice.


Only The Best For Students

  • Get Zomeo Elite Software worth INR 20000 ($300).
  • Installation and regular training, support, and upgrades.
  • Sessions on how to use these repertories in patients.
  • Sharing of evidence-based cases to help you develop confidence in case analysis, differentiation of remedies and prescription.
  • Future-oriented leadership and mentorship sessions.


Download the brochure

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Listen to Robin Pollock on Mission Success


Watch video on Who is Running Homeopathy by Dr Jawahar Shah



Our Mission

 It is our strong desire at Enlightenment Education and Mind Technologies to create skill, trained, competent homeopaths across the globe by providing all the tools necessary to achieve unmitigated success in clinical practice.


The Purpose

To bring about a transformation that shall last forever- so that homeopathic students will forever carry unwavering faith in Homeopathy and the ability to practice it no matter how complex the disease is.

We ultimately want to help every homeopath to have a sustainable income from their homeopathic practice and to have a good lifestyle - right from their internship days - as a result of their clinical acumen.


Giveaways Every Month

Every session will have a short assignment given at the end to reinforce learning and application. Submit all your monthly assignments and get a chance to win prizes at the end of every month*!

We have an exciting line-up of gifts for you, ranging from homeopathic books to handy mobile applications to premium homeopathic software.

(*Winners will be picked based on performance by lucky draw.)


Mission Success Lucky Dip Corner

It is raining prizes at Mission Success Lucky Dip. Look at below table for the winners of the weekly lucky draw.

Lucky Draw on Winners

14th May 2022

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21st May 2022

Watch the Lucky Draw Session

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28th May 2022

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9th June 2022

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28th June 2022

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Stay tuned for our upcoming lucky draws.


Mentorship Period

One year (Starting 8th of April 2022 – 7th April 2023)


Program Schedule (updated regularly)

Month 1



Zomeo Elite: Installation & Overview


Being A Homeopath


Choosing the Right Tools for a Successful Homeopathic Practice


Zomeo Elite: Installation & Overview (Repeat Session)


Month 2



Case Taking in Chronic Disease – Part I


Case Taking in Chronic Disease – Part II


Case Taking in Chronic Disease – Part III


Zomeo Elite: Special Tutorial on Academics Module


Month 3



Acute Case Taking Part I


Acute Case Taking Part II


How To Perform An Abdominal Examination


Acute Prescribing: Case Presentations & Prescriptions

About Speaker

.This Webinar/Course series is lectured by variety of experienced speakers
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