Understanding Body Language and it’s implications in Homeopathy

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About Webinar

Body language is a language without spoken words. We use it all the time in our day-to-day life while interacting with other people. Our one gesture, movements and expressions delivers specific message.

This webinar by Dr. Ajit Kulkarni brings to you a bird's eye view of Body Language and how it can be put to use in Homeopathic prescribing. It is definitely not something you would want to miss,especially if it’s going to make your Homeopathic practice a more enriching experience!

The whole understanding of a Homeopathic Case encompasses different avenues of psychology, psychiatry, pathology and other basic allied subjects.

One of the avenues a Homeopath needs to unfold is ‘Understanding of Body Language’ in order to decipher the unspoken language of the patient and read ‘in between the lines’.

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is popular in the world for his novel presentation on Materia medica and on Body Language. He has organized many seminars and training courses of “body language” too in a unique style of blending psychology and pathology with homeopathy.

Topic Speaker

Understanding Body Language and it’s implications in Homeopathy Part 1

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

Understanding Body Language and it’s implications in Homeopathy Part 2

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni

Learning Objectives:


  • Body Language - It’s Interpretation
  • Body Language it’s practical implication in Homeopathy
  • Related Materia Medica and rubrics in the repertory
  • Perceiving body language in practice through cases


About Speaker

Dr. Ajit Kulkarni is a Gold medalist. He is an M.D. (post-graduate in homeopathy) from a leading university in India.
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