Roger Van Zandvoort’s Complete Repertory

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Complete Repertory by Roger Van Zandvoort is the world’s leading homeopathic repertory and is used by many homeopaths. The latest version Complete Repertory has 45 chapters with more than 231, 294 rubrics.

Complete repertory by Roger van Zandvoort is a ground-breaking repertory for students and homeopathic physicians.

It is always advisable to use updated repertories for enhancing knowledge as well as finding out correct similimum.

Complete repertory is among the few repertories which are constantly being checked for the accuracy in its data with respect to rubrics and remedies. There is verified new additions time-to-time referring to source books, new proving and clinical experiences.

In this repertory there is lot of information which is missing in Kent’s repertory and this was the groundwork of Complete repertory.  There are many features which makes Complete Repertory one of the best repertories among practitioners.

This 3-part course includes detailed explanation regarding the development, evolution, structure, changes and utility of Complete repertory in daily practice.




Session 1: Roger Van Zandvoort's Complete Repertory: Part 1

Dr. John Millar, will provide the information about Roger Van Zandvoort's Complete Repertory, it's foundation, evolution, philosophy.



Session 2: Roger Van Zandvoort's Complete Repertory: Part 2

Dr Dhiraj Nanda talks on sources of Complete Repertory, changes in remedy abbreviations, Boger's general analysis, Mirilli's theme etc



Session 3: Roger Van Zandvoort's Complete Repertory: Part 3

Dr Jawahar Shah will touch upon special chapters in Complete Repertory, explore different clinical cases (including acute cases) analysed using Complete Repertory.



Topics covered

  • Function of a repertory
  • Kent's compromise
  • Complete Repertory & its versions
  • Differences in different versions
  • Chapters and arrangement of rubrics
  • Clinical cases analysed using Complete Repertory


Learning Objectives

  • Explore the development of Complete Repertory and the reasons it has undergone changes in subsequent versions
  • Review important chapters and its utility in clinical practice
  • Review the changes in Mind chapter
  • Understanding the additions, new rubrics and cross-references
  • Learn practical applications of Complete Repertory through case study review

About Speaker

12 years experience as a clinical supervisor at CCNM, and 9 years at OCHM
Senior Homeopath practicing for over 20 years, specializing in treatment of Respiratory disorders, Developmental disorders and Cancer management.
Dr. Jawahar Shah, M.D. in Homeopathy, is a renowned homeopathic physician practicing since more than 40 years. He has successfully treated many cases of Bronchial Asthma and Autism.
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