Robin Pollock

Robin Pollock

HOM, DCHM(Hons), RSHom(NA)

Robin Pollock is originally trained in and worked as a clinical psychologist

  • Honours graduate of the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine
  • Former homeopathic moderator and writer for WholeHealthNow - a platform that provides health services and health products
  • She is currently an advisory committee member of 4 Homeopathy Canada
  • Editor and video producer for Homeopathic Housecall

Seminars & workshops:

• Herpes Simplex Virus-1

• Homeopathic Approaches to Anxiety in Children


• National Center for Homeopathy, Vital Forces Scholarship, 2018

• Valedictorian, Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, June, 2018

• North American Society of Homeopaths, Elizabeth Bonfig Scholarship, 2017

• Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, Boiron Scholarship, 1st Place, 2016

Literary works:

• Homeopathic Medicine for the 21st Century: What Does Homeopathy Offer our

Modern Ailing World? The American Homeopath, Vol. 24, 2018.

• The Deliberate and Orderly Study of Homoeopathic Materia Medica: An

“Application” of Hering’s Diagnostic Method. Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine, Toronto, 2018.

• The Unprejudiced Observer. The American Homeopath, Vol. 22, pp. 39-41, 2016.

• Medicinal vs. Disease Agents: The Concept of Susceptibility in Homeopathic

Practice. The American Homeopath, Vol. 22, pp. 76-80, 2016.


Creator of upcoming online app "Mastering Materia Medica", according to Hering’s method (1837)

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