Alastair Gray

Alastair Gray

 MSc(UK), BA(Hons), ADH, DSH, PCH, PCHom

Teacher and Head of academic, course development, e-learning departments at the Academy of Homeopathy Education NYC | World

Enrolled in a PhD program at the University of Technology, Sydney

Clinical experience:

28 years. Specialized in cases of Anxiety, Drug, and Alcohol compulsion

Academic contributions:

  • National Academic e-learning Manager
  • 20 years experience in teaching under- and post-graduate Integrative Medicine, CAM, homeopathy, and naturopathy
  • Was the Head of Homeopathy Department at Endeavour
  • Teacher of history of health, healing and medicine in universities across many countries


  • Endeavour College, Australia in academics
  • Portland Centre of Integrative Medicine, UK as an educational consultant
  • Management in Director Operations College of Health and Homeopathy, NZ

Literary contributions:

  • Author of 23 books
  • Articles on primary research in natural medicine
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