Dr. Hemant J. Thakkar

Dr. Hemant J. Thakkar

Clinical Experience

  • Treated patients with Homoeopathy and Allopathy for initial 10 years of practice.
  • Handled the Acupuncture charitable clinic for 4 years (jointly managed by K. J. Somaiya Trust and Sujok Academy Moscow).
  • Treating patients only by Traditional Acupuncture and SUJOK Acupuncture since 1994 (about 26 years).


International Teaching Experience of New Zealand

  • Ex tutor of “New Zealand School of Acupuncture & TCM” (formal teaching in 4 years full time course)


International Academic Administrative Experience of New Zealand

  • Ex Administrative Manager of “New Zealand School of Acupuncture & TCM”.
  • Teaching Acupuncture informally in India and abroad.
  • Conducting Acupuncture treatment camps in India and abroad.
  • Giving lectures for creating awareness about acupuncture in India and abroad, for more than 25 years, on National and International level.
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