Denise Straiges

Denise Straiges


President, Academy of Homeopathy Education NYC | World  Clinical Director

Academic & other contributions:

  • 20 years experience in implementation of healthy lifestyle for wellbeing
  • Denise Straiges was the Executive Director and Head of Clinical Affairs for the Centre for Homeopathic Education
  • Core faculty member of AHE NYC | World
  • Lecturer at CHE London
  • Founder of “well4good” model which focuses on Classical Homeopathy along with food, meditation, movement and purposeful life pursuits that helps healing

Social Contributions

  • Founder of not-for-profit outreach program and leads the fund raising and strategic alliance initiatives serving the homeless, addicted and underserved populations

Literary work & Seminars:

  • Write-ups & lectures on sustainable healthcare and spirituality in medicine
  • Presenter of seminars and workshops throughout the world
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