ZOMEO CLASSROOM - Case Solution Using Zomeo Homeopathy Software

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Friday, November 01, 2019 . 07:00:00 AM . IST
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About Webinar

Hompath Zomeo is one of the best homeopathic software to address your homeopathy practice needs. Hompath Zomeo has 42 repertories, 1300+ volumes of books to ease your practice and enhance your homeopathy knowledge.

In any homeopathy practice, Case taking and Arriving at a RIGHT REMEDY is a WINNING MOMENT to any practitioner. And Zomeo provides the right tools to achieve that. Zomeo is designed to do that.

Case taking with Zomeo software is easy and quick.

ZOMEO CLASSROOM SERIES has been designed to educate and hand-hold you to solve some of the interesting, complicated & real cases using the finest tools provided by the Zomeo Homeopathy Software.

Every Week a New case will be discussed in ZOMEO CLASSROOM. Make yourself available!

Learning Objective

You will learn below with ZOMEO CLASSROOM SERIES,

  • How to interview the patient?
  • How to capture important complaints from patient language?
  • How to map patient complaints to rubrics?
  • How to search and record rubrics from Zomeo?
  • How to repertorize the case using Zomeo?
  • How to apply filters and arrive at RIGHT REMEDY?
  • How to cross-verify your remedy using Reference Books of Zomeo?
  • How to Prescribe and take Follow-up of the patient?

This repeated Case Discussion series using Zomeo will help you look at the case from different angles and make the right decision on remedy using Zomeo.

New to Zomeo Repertory Software?

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About Speaker

M.D. (Homeopathy)- specializing in Practice of Medicine and a homeopathic consultant and Personal Counsellor. She is a Senior Practitioner and Administrator with Welcome Cure Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
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