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  • 38 hours of study.
  • Evaluation test.
  • Certificate of attendance.

About Webinar

Puzzled with whether to use Kentian, Boger or Boenninghausen method of repertorisation? Finding it difficult to use a repertory?

Our uniquely designed homeopathy course on repertory is apt for learning specification of important homeopathic repertories and how to use them.

This is a one-of-a kind course on repertory and different methods of prescribing remedies is perfect for those who like to see how it’s done,rather than read the infinite books on 'How to use a repertory'.

The topics in the course are presented by homeopathy repertory experts.

The Repertory Course ranges from introductory to advanced level

Topics Covered

  • Acute Case taking
  • Chronic case taking
  • Symptom Classification & Evaluation
  • Repertorial Approach –Boenninghausen
  • Repertorial Approach – Kent
  • Repertorial Approach – Boger
  • Non – Repertorial Approach
  • Overview of Regional Repertories
  • Use of computer in repertory

The course covers the 11 quintessential repertories:

  1. Complete Repertory
  2. Synthesis Repertory
  3. Murphy’s Repertory
  4. Kent Repertory
  5. BBCR
  6. Boger Synoptic Key / Therapeutic Pocket Book
  7. Phatak’s Repertory
  8. Boericke Repertory
  9. Knerr Repertory
  10. Special Repertory - Aids, Cancer, Asthma
  11. Perfect Repertory of Mind


  1.   Chronic case taking – Part I

    (Discussing in detail the finer intricacies of approaching a chronic case, case taking for different detail disease condition)

  2.   Chronic case taking – Part II

    (Do’s & Don’t and importance of observations, intuition and finer shades of case taking)

  3.   Acute Case taking – Part I

    (Acute case taking is totally different. Giving importance to phase in hand, the cause, modalities, concomitants and finer differentiation between remedies

  4.   Acute Case taking – Part II

    (Here we will be taking different acute conditions like asthma, allergy, tonsillitis, pain, panic, anxiety etc)

  5.   Symptom Classification & Evaluation

    (Learn the art & science of conversion from patient language to repertory rubric, before we actually repertorise every symptom will require analysis and evaluation without which a physician can go highly wrong)

  6.   Roger Van Zandvoort Complete Repertory – Part I
  7.   Roger Van Zandvoort Complete Repertory – Part II
  8.   Frederik Schroyens Synthesis Repertory – Part I
  9.   Frederik Schroyens Synthesis Repertory – Part II
  10.   Kent Repertory – Part I
  11.   Kent Repertory – Part II
  12.   Boger Boenninghausen’s characteristics and repertory – Part I
  13.   Boger Boenninghausen’s characteristics and repertory – Part II
  14.   Bogers Synoptic Key
  15.   Boenninghausen’s Therapeutic pocket book
  16.   Phatak’s Repertory – Part I
  17.   Phatak’s Repertory – Part II
  18.   Boericke’s Repertory
  19.   Knerr’s Repertory – Part I
  20.   Knerr’s Repertory – Part II
  21.   Special Repertory - Aids, Cancer, Asthma
  22.   Perfect Repertory of Mind By Dr. Yogesh Sehgal
  23.   Regional repertories – Overview
  24.   Non – Repertorial approach – concept and application
  25.   Recap of 25 sessions – summary& introduction to e-Journal and daily self-learning methods

Learning Objectives:

Participants of the course will take away an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the different types of repertories and repertorial approach along with hands-on skills required for practical application of repertory

  • Utility of Repertory in acute and chronic case taking
  • To identify the prescribing symptoms and rubric selection in a given case
  • Understanding of homeopathic analysis and evaluation of symptoms by Kentian method, Boger's method, Boenninghausen's method
  • Understand when and how to use non-repertorial approach in certain cases
  • Practical application of evaluation methods by case studies

Who can attend?

  • Students who have the knowledge on repertories and case taking
  • Post graduate homeopathy students
  • Homeopathy practitioners
  • All homeopathic professionals

What you will get?

  • High quality presentations.
  • Life time access to the recordings of the course.
  • Assessment after each session.
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Complimentary Firefly Repertory Mobile Software for iPhone and Android phone. You can use learned repertories in this mobile app

Why this Course?

  • Learning on 11 widely used repertories.
  • Best way to learn repertory concepts.
  • Attend the entire course in the comfort of your home or clinic.
  • Repeat the course whenever you like using the recordings.
  • Deeper insights into each major Repertory, supported by clinical cases.
  • Best repertory teachers to teach you the repertories.
  • A Complimentary Firefly Repertory Mobile Software for iPhone and Android phone, to practice your learning.
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