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Vacancy - Homeopathic Doctors


Welcome Cure conducted a seminar on 18th March 2015 at Greaves Cotton Limited, Worli

Welcome Cure conducted a Seminar on “Health and Homeopathy”, at Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Unique Online Homeopathy Courses in India

The Fellowship and Certificate Courses in Advanced Homeopathy have been started by Enlightenment Education Private Limited (EEPL), a premier organization committed to promotion of quality homeopathic education in India and globally, with affiliation from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (M.U.H.S.), Nashik, one of the eminent health universities in the world.

Why the Homeopathy Courses are Unique

Official Recognition

You can proudly display the certificate/fellowship certificate in your clinic and mention about it on your letterhead, clinic board, visiting card, etc. since the course is officially recognized by the M.U.H.S.

No Disruption Of Practice

You can do the course without disturbing your practice or other professional activities. Thus, you can learn while you continue to earn. Lecture schedules are planned in order to meet professional and familial schedules of students and practitioners.

Professional Growth

The most important benefit is that you continue to grow professionally by gaining the latest advanced knowledge and practical experience from the world’s best pioneers without having to disturb or disrupt your current practice.

Earn further respect and recognition amongst your patients as well as colleagues and fellow physicians.

Learn Even After Completing The Course

You will be entitled to continued access to high-quality educational video material, even after completing the Course (for a period of 1 year in Certificate Course and 2 years in Fellowship Course).

Global Knowledge

You will gain enormous knowledge & rich experience from various schools of thoughts in homeopathy. This will ensure an unbiased foundation for your career.